Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Nabulsi Kunafa

While 'surfing' through the internet, I came across a post on Nabulsi Kunafa from the Arabian Pilgrimage Food Tour with Frying Pan Adventures  that caught my eye. Nabulsi Kunafa is an Arabian sweet recipe that contains cheese from Palestine. As the name denotes Nabulsi cheese originates from Nablus city. It has a semi-hard white rectangular shape and when heated becomes soft and elastic.
Traditional Nabulsi Kunafa is prepared with Nabulsi cheese. If Nabulsi cheese is not available then use an alternate recipe by Huda Abu- Hamida.  Instead of Nabulsi cheese this recipe uses cream with cheese to prepare Kunafa filling.

Nabulsi Kunafa Recipe:

Nablus Kunafa

Red food color
1 flat copper plate
500g of Nabulsi cheese
250g sugar
500g Kunafeh pulp from any pastry shop
2 tablespoons Samneh  (clarified butter)


1) Place the Kunafe pulp in the copper pan on the stove and stir with a spatula. When it is warm, keep it aside.  Cool the dish with cold tap water.
2) Mix Samneh with food color and spread over it.
3) Spread another layer of pulp on butter (Samneh) with a thickness less than 1 cm.
4) Arrange the cheese on top and cook over a medium heat for about 15 minutes.
5) Prepare the sugar syrup.
6) When the pulp and cheese is cooked, sprinkle some cheese on the pulp and then pour a little syrup.
7) When this is done, flip the mixture over into an identical pan.
8) Brush Kunafeh with sugar syrup. Sprinkle pieces of pistachios and serve hot.

TIP: Nabulsi cheese will be very salted for conservation, but it can be de-salted by soaking in water .

Courtesy: Nablus 

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